Durhamville Reads!

Oneida City Schools follow the National Reading Panel 2000 findings based on decades of research. Our reading program includes the five essential components of effective reading instruction:

  1. Phonemic Awareness - skill at hearing and producing the separate sounds in words and recognizing that words sounds alike or different.
    * What sound do you hear at the beginning of cat?
    * What sound do you hear at the end of soccer?
    * What word can we make if we change the 1st sound in bear to /p/?
  2. Phonics - a set of rules about the relationship between written lettersin the spelling of words and the sounds of our spoken language.
    * What letters make the sound /sh/?
    * What letter says /k/ in the word cat?
  3. Fluency - accurate and rapid word recognition with words grouped into phrasesthat make what is read easier to understand. Fluent reading resembles natural speech.
    * Can you read that sentence again to sound like you are talking?
  4. Vocabulary - words we need to know to listen, speak, read, and write with others in many subject areas.
  5. Comprehension - constructing meaning by connecting what has been read to what the reader already knows... thinking while reading!Thinking strategies include predicting, visualizing, making connections and inferences, questioning, and summarizing.


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