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Staying Connected with Durhamville
Stay Connected with Durhamville

Staying Connected with Durhamville 


The Home-School Connection is very important for the success of each student.  To that end, we have a number of ways for parents to keep informed about what is happening in Durhamville Elementary School.  What follows is a list of avenues for communication from us to you, and you to us. The importance of your involvement in your child’s daily school experiences is immeasurable.


Please remember, the person at school who knows your child best is his or her teacher, so if you have concerns or information to share, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher.


Monthly Newsletter - Look for a newsletter each month which will highlight some important happenings, messages from our nurse, Mrs. Dailey, and also provide monthly dates to know.


Web Page/Newsfeed - Durhamville’s webpage has a parent drop down menu organized to provide information and answer any questions you may have about procedures, safety, lunch and instruction.  Our home page will also update weekly with a current newsfeed of events happening during your child’s school day.


Durhamville’s PTO Facebook - You can join our PTO FB page.  They are very active in our school community and frequently post information and events - current and past.


OCSD Facebook - You can join the Oneida City School District FB page to get information about what’s happening at all the schools in our district.


District Newsletter - Our OCSD District Newsletter will be printed and sent out this year in September, January and May.  This is another great way to see what’s happening across our district with some articles specific to Durhamville events.


Take-Home Folder - Each one of our students gets a colorful plastic take home folder on the first day of school.  Check this each day for important community flyers, event reminders, homework and graded classwork.  This is a great way to initiate conversations with your child about their school day.


Your Child’s Agenda - These come home every day and are used for communication from your child and/or the classroom teacher to you.  Check it daily for notes from the teacher and/or homework assignments written in.


Email - Each staff member has access to their own OCSD email account.


Phone call - Having a phone conversation can sometimes provide a more direct connection and bypass possible misunderstandings that might occur using email. Our staff members are busy with students during the school day, but please call at ANY time and Mrs. Duncan will take a message or put you through to the teacher’s voicemail for a timely return call.

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